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Lucy Arthur with Oscar

We have been working ongoing with Debbie for coming up to a year on zoom and I can honestly say she has changed the relationship I had with my dog in such a positive way.
As well as supporting me with muzzle training him ( difficult due to his touch sensitivity) and dealing with other issues such as resource guarding, she has taught me so much about understanding his needs and changed my mindset completely.
She is a calm and reassuring trainer who as well as giving my boy confidence, has also spent a lot of time building my own confidence
My dog has gone from a very anxious boy who couldn’t even be given a puzzle toy to a confident, exploring pooch who loves nothing more than a good old snuffle. Believe me when I say I never thought it would be possible for my dog to enjoy enrichment activities !
We have a long way to go on our journey still but I am confident that with Debbie’s support, skills and sense of humour , that it will be a fun and interesting ride


Jenny Jones with Bodie

Our rescue boy Bodie didn’t get the best start in life and as a result was nervous and easily highly aroused. This has presented some challenges. Debbie has helped us so much; she has such an amazing knowledge of dogs, their behaviours and body language. She is very intuitive to what he (and us) needs to help us improve. With her support, we have seen Bodie become a calmer, more relaxed dog over the last few months. And we have become calmer, more relaxed guardians!
The training has often been simple but very effective and always realistic.
Debbie is very caring with a great sense of humour and we keep in touch regularly in-between face to face sessions.
We are facing a new challenge with an unexpected change in routine setting Bodie back a bit but I know with Debbie’s ongoing support, we will navigate our way through it.
Absolutely recommend this wonderful lady.


Paul Dicker with Daisy

I feel grateful to have found Debbie at the beginning of my journey with Daisy. Even before collecting her from the breeder and a long journey home, the help and advice given by Debbie was invaluable. Her introduction to our training was made clear, so I understood the workings of a puppy's brain.  I cant thank her enough for the content of her knowledge and making it easy for me to understand.
I chose Debbie purely for her registered qualifications and reviews. Boy have I been impressed.


Bronagh Quigley and Alfie

I don’t even know where to start!
Most challenging year of my life, and the support we have received from Debbie has been outstanding.
She supported me through one of the most challenging situations ever.
Support with training and adapting to new circumstances online and over the phone. Travelled hundreds of miles to help us put together a training plan for my nervous and reactive whippet, Alfie. And amazing follow up support with any concerns and questions.
I have worked with several trainers over the years, but none like Debbie, definitely gold star trainer. Not only does she support the dogs she works with, she also supports their humans!
Thank you soooo much!!!!


Discover our Reviews


Gina Manning with Nero

Debs helped us no end with Nero who recently took a bit of an anxious turn and became obsessed with sniffing. Deb always responded quickly throughout the last three months and has written personal training plans with huge amounts of details. She was really patient with him and understood what he wanted better than we did! Her set up and 1-2-1 training is great! Nero's not obsessively sniffed since and we've continued the training with him she taught us! Thank you!


Julia Brice and Arthur

I have a dog who is very nervous about a lot of things and is also reactive to other dogs. Our first session with Debbie was the Discover K9 and I was amazed at how much I learnt about my dogs body language and how well he coped when given the chance to think for himself. Debbie has a great deal of understanding about being an owner of a reactive dog. Debbie then travelled to me to have a confidence walk on our usual route. This was a massive boost for my confidence (which was much needed). With her kind and patient approach I found I didn’t need to panic when a dog appeared and I could actually work on helping my dog. With practise I’m starting to see real changes in his reactions to everything and the growing bond between us is wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing what further sessions will bring.


Katrina Peters with Oakley 

Oakley recently attended the Paws and Train Puppy Programme. We consider ourselves lucky to have found Debbie, who made the idea of raising our puppy much less daunting. Thanks to Debbie's support (from day one), knowledge, patience, and understanding we are enjoying and looking forward to helping Oakley become a confident, happy dog. It also helps to know that Debbie remains just an email away!


Tatum Reid with Darcy 

We first contacted Debbie when our dog became anxious and reactive toward other dogs following a bad experience at a kennel. We were very impressed with Debbie's knowledge after we visited her at her home to have Darcey assessed. It is clear she loves dogs and has their best interest at heart. Debbie provided a written personal training plan for us to follow and even kept in touch via text t check our progress. We have already started seeing improvement implementing her plan and gained a much better understanding of what our doggo needs.