Training Services

If you can't see what you need, please get in touch for a discovery call on how I can help

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1.2.1 Training Programmes

Basic training skills taught, enhanced and practiced. 
Anxious/nervous dogs catered for and welcomed

If your  K9 needs help with a specific training issue then 1.2.1 training may be a great option for you. Sessions will be done at my secure private venue and/or your home area.  Personalised plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.

Programmes are 3, 4 or 6 sessions

Initial Consult/assessment incorporated as the first session. 

£180 x 3

£245 x 4

£325 x 6

Puppy Programme 4 sessions 

Four tailored sessions

Its so exciting, but also can be a little daunting when you decide on adding a Pup to your home. My Puppy Programme of 4 sessions can be taken at any time before your pup is 16 weeks old. We can even do a session before you bring Pup home to discuss all your requirements and how we can help Pup settle and fit in right from the very start. 

A welcome pack and on completion a certificate to proudly show your friends.

Full support given between the sessions



Discover K9

Suitable for all dogs regardless of age

Discover K9 is suitable for pups, adolescent, elderly, in fact any dog regardless. Exploration of novel items in a new environment with freedom to just be a dog safely. Opportunity to observe your dogs body language in a safe, secure environment. Helpful for those whirlwind pooches to learn to slow down, pups to gently explore and gain confidence, for you to really look at your dogs preferences and body language. Mental enrichment and gentle exercise and so many more benefits 

45-60 minutes 


Training Walk

Solo on lead/long line only

A 30 minute training walk by me putting in place any training discussed and needed. A free Meet and Greet where I put no pressure on your dog. Full and frank discussion about what training is relevant. Email guidance after every walk sent to you. Every 4th walk  a transfer where you come with me, helping you put in place the training.
4 walks payable upfront recurring  £100



Personalised and Professional

This is the baseline that we can spring from onto a tailored programme specifically for you and your dog.We have a pre assessment questionnaire, an assessment by me of your dog/environment/training. This can last up to 90 minutes.You would receive a report and an initial training plan. A follow up phone call by me within 2 weeks. Full support via WhatsApp and email throughout.This will be the first session if you decide on a training programme 
Stand alone price £80

Dog Sitting

No Overnights unless discussed

2-6 hours of dog sitting in your own home. 
Do you need a break?
Does your dog not do 'home alone'
Got a special event to attend?
Getting married and noone to look after your dog?
On holiday in Norfolk and want to go out for a meal without your dog?
Please get in touch for a personalised service
£12 per hour


Always setting up for success


Paws and Train at Reedside

Recommended by The Barking Bugle

A break just for you and your dog in a studio style apartment separate from the main house. This Programme starts from 2 nights and 3 training sessions. Perfect balance of relaxation and bespoke training in the glorious Norfolk countryside



Private accommodation designed with you in mind

Max 2 people 2 dogs

No children under 12 unless previously discussed

Friday to Sunday e.g.

2 nights and 3 training sessions

£485 plus £50 damage deposit (refundable)

Private Car Parking Space

Open Plan studio style apartment

Double bed

Sofa Bed and a sofa

Furniture throws and doggy towels



Kitchenette with kettle/toaster, microwave, table top hob and mini oven and fridge

Large separate shower room

Private patio area 

Outdoor tap and hose


Relax and train under professional guidance

As reccomended by The Barking Bugle 

Questionnaire and phone/zoom call beforehand to ensure that your dog would be comfortable in a new environment and to discuss your training requirements.

Fri evening or Sat morning:

Discover K9 session that would be held in the garden. This is a mini assessment that will last between 45 mins and 1 hour depending on your dog. We will look at your dogs body language, their communication and how they are responding to the environment and how they interact with the Free work set out.

Sat afternoon:

A session of your choice guided by my findings from the assessment It could be an accompanied walk where I would choose the right environment for your dog to be under threshold.

Sunday morning:

A session of your choice guided by my findings. A lead handling session, recall, loose lead, a Free work session, a confidence walk, there are lots to choose from, which we can discuss beforehand and at the assessment session.