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How do you learn?

I've never been a list and tick them off type of gal 🤔

When I have made lists, they get lost amongst the many notebooks I have 🙄

I have 6 courses that I've paid for over the years and either not started or just about started 🤭

This got me thinking of how I can streamline and not get sucked in by FOMO

✔Default diaries are an option

✔Setting time aside each night

✔Starting and finishing one before going onto the next

Will that work...for me, yes I need to be more self disciplined. I could set an alarm and if I'm still happy to continue when it goes off, I can continue if I wish.

When I am devising training plans for you I like to get to know you as a person. 🙋‍♀️


How much time can you spare


How much time you need to dedicate

What will motivate you

Do you require more support from me than I currently offer

Are you a visual learner or prefer to see it broken down in words

Do you prefer a list or just one thing at a time

Do you want and expect me checking in with you

Obviously your dogs needs factor into this as well 🐕

What do you prefer?

Please feel free to comment below what works for you

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