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Dog training and dog training breaks in Norfolk

- I can help you help your dog

Would you like to go for a walk locally, without hiding in the bushes every time you see another dog?

Hi, I'm Debbie and I have been exactly where you are now...

Several years ago I brought home a scared, large dog from a rescue centre 400 miles away. I was not prepared for the rollercoaster of a journey he took me on.

I despaired, I cried a lot, I tried lots of different things and nothing seemed to work. In fact it seemed to get worse.

I took him to classes where the trainer scared him even more. I was beginning to realise that I may have bitten off more than I could chew!

Bitten by my own best friend?

My turning point in 2015 was when he bit me, through what I know now was just ‘redirection’ through ‘trigger stacking’.

Three words, that when I started to delve into the WHY, made such sense and that's when I really started to learn how to help Sabre.

I shared our ongoing story on different social media platforms and started getting a Sabre Fan Club.


My Journey

Compassion, Dedication and Empathy

Supporting 1000s of dog owners online

I learnt more than I could ever know and started working towards becoming a qualified dog trainer. I assisted as Admin from the start in 2015, on a marvellous FaceBook group for Reactive dogs and I am now an Authorised Trainer on the group. Also supporting members and inspiring 1000s with our personal journey.

Inspired by others to help more dog owners, just like you!

I followed great trainers on social media, I assisted at classes, I took course after course. I observed in minute detail the body language of various dogs and different breeds.

Qualified, approved and ethical dog trainer, accessible to those who need it the most

I am a member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and I only endorse kind, ethical methods. Your dog is central to any training and/or coaching that we take on together. I continue to expand my knowledge, always thinking of how I can make training more accessible to those that need it the most.

My own personal experiences to help support you

I am empathetic and can relate completely. Using my personal experience, knowledge and continuous further education, we can work together to create a harmonious beneficial life for you and your dog.

People were now beginning to follow me! They would comment and send messages, secure that because I've walked in their shoes that I would ‘get it’

“I felt at ease straight away and now feel more confident to practice my training on our walks”

“I have worked with several trainers over the years, but none like Debbie, definitely gold star trainer”


Further developments

Trust is the basis of any relationship

With a few years behind me helping you train your dogs, one of my dreams came to reality!

I had always struggled to find places that I could take my dog on holiday. I wanted somewhere that I didn't have to second guess what was around that corner. I wanted to know where that footpath led. I needed to know the times that were quiet.

I also wanted someone who could do nearly all of the thinking for me! I wanted to relax and enjoy time with my dog on the beach, without worrying what everyone else was doing. I needed someone to give me confidence and help me understand my dog.

So I made it happen for you!

In April 2021 I opened Paws & Train Holiday at Reedside. Studio style accommodation with a private patio area in the glorious Norfolk Broads

Yes! Fido can go on holiday!

Not only somewhere you can take your dog with no worries, but a very special place with tailored training for you and your dog. Let me keep you safe and able to learn under solid guidance.

“Debbie has a very special way of making training and learning easy and fun”

“ Having just returned from an absolutely fantastic Break at Paws & Train, I can't recommend it enough”

I'm ready to support you today!

Send me a message and let's arrange that free no obligation call!

07515 118077 or 01493 488599

Like and follow my page and see for yourself how my spinning, lunging werewolf is now helping other anxious dogs.

Allow me to set you on the right path for your dog, hold on as it may be bumpy at times. I will be there to catch, empower, support you and set you right again.